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About UsEfficient, Effective and Transparent
About Us

Welcome to, advancing the home buying process one property at a time.

Everyone knows about the impersonal high-volume real estate sales on the courthouse steps or in large ballrooms. is now bringing you real estate listings one property at a time in a manner that is Efficient, Effective and Transparent.

Efficient– The ability to offer home sales without many of the traditional costs associated with a real estate transaction, these efficiencies will lead to a lower transactional costs which will benefit both the buyer and the seller.

Effective– BidPointe listings offer highly effective tools for selling a wide variety of real estate. A listing no longer needs to be synonymous with a distressed sale and at, it will be just another way for the home buyer to shop for their new home without the hassel.

Transparent– The traditional offer/counter offer process of purchasing real estate is nothing more than an abbreviated listing. Gone are the days of the seller wondering if they could have received more for their home; gone are those multiple offer scenarios where the buyer never really knows if their offer was fairly presented. offers complete transparency to both the seller and the buyer.

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